3 Ways To Reclaim Comfortable Fashion This Women's Day

Hello, our A&B boho tribe! With international women's day around the corner, we just want to say how proud we are of all the fierce women across the globe that pave their own paths and break stereotypes every single day. One day is just not enough to celebrate all the incredible things women do!

Let's take today to talk about a crucial aspect of our lives - comfort. Whether it's choosing our career, partner or even our clothes, comfort is key. When it comes to fashion, at times we tend to sacrifice this for the sake of being on-trend. But you don't have to be uncomfortable to look stylish - and we'll show you how.

We've put together 3 easy tips for you to keep in mind when curating your wardrobe, so you can feel at ease without sacrificing your unique fashion aesthetic:


1. Go For Natural Fabrics


Natural fabrics such as cotton allow plenty of airflow, and let your skin breathe from under the fabric throughout the day. Wearing these fabrics, especially in the hotter months of the year, will keep you cool and at ease. This is even more true for your everyday wear. 

This is why we craft our summer pieces like our manatee boho top and striped trousers in pure cotton. This way, you stay and look utterly cool, even under the sweltering heat. 


Natural Fabric Clothing

 Stay cool this summer with cotton tops and trousers 


2. Relaxed Silhouettes


While skinny jeans and form-fitted tops look great, why not mix up your wardrobe with more relaxed silhouettes too? This spring-summer, go for comfy wide-leg cut boho pants in vibrant patterns that will keep the style quotient high. You can also choose breezy kaftan cover-ups that beat the heat by the beach or the poolside.  

Free-flowing maxi dresses are our favorite way to stay super comfortable and elegant. These dreamy dresses let your skin breathe, and keep you sweat-free throughout the day. 


Wide-leg cut trousers

 Wide-leg cut trousers like these are as comfy as they are uber-retro


comfort-chic kaftans

 These comfort-chic kaftans are a spring-summer must-have 


3. Stylish and Practical Accessories


There's a reason why carrying big, oversized handbags has become quite a trend in recent times - it's super practical! Why stuff all your essentials into a cramped bag when you can take them along in style with spacious tote bags?

Choose spacious handcrafted jute handbags and vibrant cotton oversized totes that have enough room for all your things. These handbags are not only versatile enough to be paired with many of your outfits but are also made with eco-friendly materials. 


Boho bags

 These spacious handbags are the next big thing in practical fashion

When you're at ease from within, it shows in the way you look, and in everything you do. Choosing comfort and joy in the things we do and what we wear is a recipe for staying true to who we are. Here's to staying at ease in our skin and being kind to ourselves every day - happy international women's day!