Past Perfect: 4 Vintage Style Clothes You Need

If you're wondering what exactly are vintage style clothes, then you've come to the right place. Vintage-inspired clothing takes the beauty and the fashion of bygone eras and brings them right to your wardrobe. And if you're wondering where to begin, we've got you covered. We've put together 4 vintage-style outfits you should have in your closet. Curious? Read on for more tips!


What is Vintage Fashion?


To put it simply, vintage fashion means clothing whose style is inspired by past eras. Technically, any clothes that were made between the 1920s until 1998 are considered vintage. Any fashion before the 1920s, then, falls under antique (Since it's a hundred years or older). 

Vintage-inspired clothes are made today but inspired by the patterns, fabrics and the silhouettes of past decades. From pleated dresses, floral prints, skirts, and many other styles, there is so much to explore in vintage-style fashion. 


Why Wear Vintage Style Clothes


You only have to take one look at the gorgeous vintage-inspired clothes to want to get that look! Vintage clothes bring the old-world charm of the yesteryears into the present and make you stand out from the crowd. 

By pairing vintage style clothes with contemporary pieces and accessories, you can create a look that is only yours. Feel free to blend vintage floral shirts with denim, or a luscious velvet skirt with a t-shirt to express your individuality. 


4 Vintage Style Clothes You Need In Your Closet


If you've just cued into the wonders of vintage style clothes, the sheer variety of outfits and styles maybe a bit overwhelming. But, fear not! Here are 4 classic staples that every vintage fashion enthusiast must have in their wardrobe:


1. A Classic Vintage-Inspired Black Dress

    Let's give the classic little black dress a vintage twist, shall we? This adorable moonless pleated black velvet dress reminds us of the elegant actresses of yesteryears. This glamorous number has all the making of the quintessentially vintage look.

    Luscious velvet? Check.

    Beautiful pleats? Check.

    A belt to cinch the waist? Check!

    Pair it with sparkly pumps and a short shrug, and you're set to bring the old-world charm back in style. 



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    2. Ruffled Blouses and Shirts


    Add faux animal prints and ruffles, and you've got yourself a time machine into the fabulous 50's! This leopard print ruffled blouse is a vintage-style shirt done right. Since this piece itself is so eye-catching, we recommend pairing it with a pair of white or blue denim. This way, your beautiful vintage style shirt doesn't clash with other prints, and all the focus remains on the piece. 


    Leopard ruffle blouse Bohemian tops

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    3. Printed Blazers and Trousers


    Go big or go home - that's how the saying goes and it's true for vintage patterns! Vintage outfits have always been big on interesting and unique prints, from florals, checks to colorful stripes. We love how this jacquard striped blazer and trousers blend casual and formal, and neutrals with vibrant stripes. Complement this look with minimal hair and makeup, along with neutral pumps. 


    Printed Blazers and Trousers

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    4. Flowing, Floral Maxi Dresses


    Dreamy floral dresses have a timeless appeal that cuts across eras. This freesia yellow maxi dress has the sweet 70's written all over it. From the free-flowing silhouette, victorian era-inspired lace trimmings and floral print, it's one vintage style dress that belongs in your closet.


    Flowing, Floral Maxi Dresses

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    From dresses, skirts, florals, animal prints and many other styles, vintage outfits give you the freedom to experiment and find your own fashion sweet spot. What is your go-to vintage look? Let us know in the comments below; we'd love to know!