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Article: 5 Beautiful Reasons To Wear Pastel Colors

Wear Pastel Color Boho Clothing

5 Beautiful Reasons To Wear Pastel Colors

It's the new year, and we're loving the freshness and positive energy that comes with new beginnings. And while springtime is still a couple of months away, we're already crushing on all things pastel! From soft pastel t-shirts to dresses, here are 5 reasons why wearing pastel colors is a great idea, all year long!


What Are Pastel Colors?


Pastels are pale-looking colors that are utterly soothing to the senses. From soft pink, baby blue, mint, lavender to periwinkle, these shades began getting noticed in the '80s and have been on the fashion radar ever since. Even though pastels are low on saturation (which gives them their pale look), they are still quite vibrant and versatile.

This means that you don't have to wear only whites or neutrals when you want to keep things light. Pastel clothes are vibrant and still lend an aura of softness around you. 


 beach babe romper and cotton cactus-print kimono

A pastel picnic: Featuring our beach babe romper and cotton cactus-print kimono

5 Reasons To Wear Pastel Colors


While some might say that pastels look like summer colors, we'd argue otherwise! These subtle shades look great, no matter what season it is. Here are 5 great reasons why your closet should definitely have a pastel piece or two (or three) :


1. Their Calming, Dreamy Vibe


The psychological impact of colors on our emotions is amazing. Different hues can make us feel everything from excited, sad to peaceful. Wearing soothing colors like pastels is not only pleasing to the sense, but to our state of mind as well. We love the dreamy vibe that a gorgeous pastel dress or skirt oozes. Whether you're stepping out for work or packing for a vacation, pastel clothes help you feel relaxed. Wearing your own personal oasis of peace sounds like a pretty good idea to us.


Floral beach Dress

 In full bloom: We love the floral contrast on this beach dress with a pale blue base


2. They Look Great With All Hair and Skin Tones


Whether you're dark-haired or blonde, sporting pastel colors look great on all skin tones and hair colors. Powdered blue and peach can complement lighter skin tones beautifully. Colors like lavender, mint and pale yellow add a rich contrast to darker skin tones and look utterly gorgeous in our book. 


Pastel Color Boho Clothing

Waterfall in motion: This striped turquoise and mint maxi is a summer favorite


3. Can Be Paired With Both Neutrals and Dark Colors


Another thing we love about pastels is how easily they can be paired with both neutral and darker shades. We recommend these peachy pair of pajamas with this white cotton blouse with embroidered pastel details to complete your transformation into an otherworldly princess. Pastels also offer a fantastic base for richer patterns to play out on, such as on this summery floral print top.


Aqua Green Embellished Caftan | Wear Pastel Color Boho Clothing

Water baby: A baby blue kaftan like this offers a rich contrast to our paradise embroidered jacquard bag


4. Quintessentially Bohemian Colors


The bohemian vibe is all about being at ease with yourself and staying relaxed. This is why pastels and boho fashion are like two peas in a pod. Take a look at these ocean wave beaded slippers and you'll see how the pastel blue shades complement its bohemian beadwork texture and open-toe style.  


5. Pastels Are Versatile 


No matter what the season, pastels are versatile enough to be worn through the year. Not just that, there are so many ways you can wear them - you could either go with monochrome, which means wearing the same pastel shade throughout your outfit. You could also mix them up with not just different colors, but pair them with interesting patterns such as checks and stripes. Pastels with denim is also a classic choice for the summers. Throw on a furry lavender bomber jacket in the cold, and you've got a glowing winter outfit. 


Lavender Faux Fur Bomber Jacket | Pastel Color Boho Clothing

 A glowing winter: Our lavender faux fur bomber jacket


So whether you're looking to add a soft glow to your outfits, or want to add a bit of peace to your day, wearing pastels are sure to do the trick.

What are your go-to pastel colors?

Let us know and how you like to wear them in the comment section below. Here's to staying light and fresh, all year long!