6 Ways To Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and you may have started to read, watch and generally sense the celebration of romantic love by mainstream culture. And while a loving companionship with a partner is a beautiful thing, we're here to remind you that love comes in all forms and shapes. So, why not use this day to celebrate yourself, your victories, and the people you count on?

Here are 6 simple but powerful ways in which you can honor yourself this Valentine's Day:


1. Celebrate How Far You’ve Come


It's not just the big, headline-grabbing successes in our lives that are worthy of being celebrated. It's far more important to accept ourselves and appreciate the little changes we make to our habits, routines and thought patterns in a way that helps us live better lives.

Look back at your life a decade ago, and see how far you've come - whether it's cutting off toxic people from your lives, enjoying a hobby or anything else. This is a day to give yourself a pat on the back for your little but important successes. 


Celebrate valentine's day by loving yourself


2. Pamper Yourself


Sometimes, we get so caught up with our lives that it's easy to forget to pause and relax. But self-love and self-care are not just trendy words, they hold deep importance in our lives. This Valentine's day, take the pressure off yourself and unwind a little. Do what makes you feel at peace - a relaxing massage, going on a mini-vacation, or just unplugging your phone and laptop and lounging at home in easy breezy clothes like these utterly comfy pineapple striped shorts


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3. Express Gratitude


Expressing gratitude is not only a beautiful thing to do, but it also biologically helps us be in a more joyful state of mind. This Valentine's Day, take some time to remember all the moments and people that have had a positive impact on you.

Reach out and tell your special people how happy you are to have them in your life. Whether it's a trustworthy friend for having your back, a mentor, your parents, or even a teacher. 


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4. Spend Time With Close Friends


Any day is a good day to unwind with close friends, and Valentine's Day, even more so. Call them over to your place, or go out and make it a day worth telling stories about years from now! A simple, thoughtful present like this handmade parrots keychain to your lovelies can add a lovely, warm touch to remember this day by. 


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5. Renew A Lifelong Hobby


Take this day to renew the vows you've kept to yourself by reconnecting with the things you love to do, be it listening to music, meditating, playing the guitar, or anything else. Today is a great day pick up that book you've been meaning to finish or to listen to the music that takes to back to your childhood. 

You could create a sacred space at your home with a rustic jute rug and vibrant wall hangings. This could be a peaceful corner that you come to when you'd like to read your book, do yoga or simply meditate. 


Renew A Lifelong Hobby

 "People with many interests live not only the longest but the happiest"


6. Set Boundaries In Your Personal and Professional Life 


You can't pour from an empty cup - we swear by this nugget of wisdom. If you find yourself giving away too much of yourself, maybe it's time to set clear boundaries about the things you're okay with, and what you're not.

Whether it's unrealistic deadlines at work, your friends incessantly calling you, or family get-togethers, it's okay to say no at times. In fact, setting clear boundaries in your personal and professional life leaves you with enough time and energy to prioritize things better than agreeing to every commitment. 


Investing time in yourself is a beautiful way to spend this Valentine's Day. You've come such a long way, and we're sure you're destined for wonderful things in the future!