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Article: Top 5 Travel-Friendly and Stylish Outfits for Women

Top 5 Travel-Friendly and Stylish Outfits for Women

Top 5 Travel-Friendly and Stylish Outfits for Women


If you're a jet-setter that's always planning her next vacation, then you already know the value of traveling light! It's so convenient, easy to carry and fuss-free. And while you may be tempted to pack lots of outfits for your next vacation, why not try these simple, light and versatile outfit ideas? 

Here are our top 5 travel-friendly outfit tips that are incredibly comfortable, uber-stylish, and massively cut down on your luggage weight. And we've got a little surprise for you at the end of the blog, so read on!


1. Ravishing Rompers 


They're cute, light and super stylish - rompers are a must-have for every vacation girl. These cute outfits take up very little space in your suitcase, but are big on style! These can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Going sightseeing during the day? Pair them with comfy sneakers and a light jacket. Evening dinner at a local cafe? Glam it up with stilettos, a long shrug, and big earrings. 


Ravishing Rompers by America&Beyond

     Our breezy blue romper is light, cute and super versatile - perfect for a vacation!

    2. Breezy Boho Pants


    Holidays mean lots of walking and exploring on the streets - which is why packing a pair of comfortable boho pants is a great idea! with a stretchable waistband, a wide-leg cut and beautiful embroidery and patterns, these will keep you relaxed and cool even as you spend the day outdoors. You can pair our navy dawn boho pants with a colorful tank top, or crop tops and hit the streets in style!


    Breezy Boho Pants by America&Beyond

     Look relaxed with our versatile navy dawn boho pants

    3. Glam Maxi Dresses


    To add a dash of glamour and femininity to your vacation wardrobe, throw in an elegant maxi dress that is versatile enough to be worn at any time of the day. Stepping out under the sun? Pair this gorgeous cotton lace dress with a denim jacket, cute sneakers, and a messy bun. Turn the same maxi into an evening party hit with stilettos, sparkling accessories, and flowing tresses.


    cotton lace dress by America&Beyond

    This cotton lace dress is perfect for both day and evening sojourns 

     4. Comfy Shorts 


    Whether you're on a day hike, at the beach, going camping or vacationing in a warm city, a pair of comfy travel shorts are an absolute lifesaver! These shorts are light, take up very little space in your travel bag, and can be paired with any kind of top - be it tank tops, long sleeves shirts or crop tops. Our peachskin print boho shorts are vibrant, super light, and promise to be your go-to holiday shorts!


    peach skin boho shorts by America&Beyond

     Our peach skin boho shorts are as comfy as second skin!

    5. Pro Tip: Shoulder Bags for Weekend Getaways


    We know this is not a travel outfit, but we had to get this in! If you're planning a quick day trip or a weekend getaway, we recommend grabbing a big shoulder bag like our bubble gum shoulder bag or a spacious duffle bag to keep all your things in. You don't have to lug around a huge suitcase when these spacious bags are big enough to carry a couple of pairs of your clothes and all your essentials. 


    Boho Shoulder Bags for Weekend Getaways


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