Past Perfect: Expressing Yourself Through Embroidered Fashion

*In our past perfect blog series, we explore the evolution of clothing and fashion over time. From ancient stitching techniques to unique designs around the world, we'll take you through it all, and guide how you can add these breathtaking styles into your life.


In today's day and age, where most of us are used to quick-fixes, you'd wonder if a time-consuming method of detailing like embroidery can co-exist at all.

But old traditions have a way of circling back into the fashion spotlight and becoming more popular than ever, and that's been the case with embroidered fashion. 


Embroidered Boho Fashion | Boho Bomber Jackets


The Rich History of Embroidery Fashion


Let's start with the basics - what is embroidery? Simply put, embroidery is a way of creating handmade patterns on fabric by using thread and needle. From the ancient Greeks, Korea to India, cultures around the world have used embroidery to reflect their rich history, landscape, and stories.

Countless types of embroidery have emerged across countries that have made this craft all their own - from Chikankari in India, Mountmellick in Ireland and Sashiko in Japan. The craft has been an important part of folk art and was used in native costumes and accessories such as hats, handkerchiefs and more. 

From cross-stitch, back stitch and much more, there are endless stitching styles that can be used to create intricate patterns that are one of a kind. 


Lime N Lemon Embroidered Clutch | Embroidered Boho Fashion


Hand-Embroidery in Contemporary Fashion


Perfected over thousands of years, embroidered clothes are more relevant than ever in today's times. In a time of fast fashion where each piece looks the same, a hand-embroidered garment is special because of the time, effort and love that goes into making each piece. 

With vibrant patterns and designs, each stitch and thread has a story to tell. From vibrant colors and beautiful patterns, this craft is versatile enough to lend itself to contemporary fashion. From flowing dresses to embroidered shorts and more, it adds a distinctive twist to everyday styles. 



Banana Cream Embroidered Caftan | Embroidered Boho Fashion


Using Embroidery Fashion To Personalize Your Style


The power of handmade detailing is being noticed by acclaimed designers across the world and for good reason. From bohemian pieces to runways, there is a growing tribe of people who are consciously seeking out fashion with hand detailing. A quick glance at our banana cream embroidered caftan, and you'll see how intricate stitching can make all the difference in setting you apart and adding a human touch to your aesthetic. 


This blend of the old and the new gives us endless opportunities to tell our stories through what we wear. Who would've thought that a contemporary bomber jacket could be given a hand-embroidered twist, with such magical results? Pair it with skinny jeans and you're sure to add an eye-catching spin to this classic look.


If you're looking for something dreamier to add to your collection, this flowing, off-shoulder dress is just the thing. Adorned with vibrant hand-stitched star details, this outfit is perfect for the bohemian spirit. 


Rainbow Stars Off-The-Shoulder Dress | Embroidered Boho Fashion


For those who seek to stand out and tell their own stories, these hand-stitched beauties are worth exploring. Not only will you be encouraging the continuation of a rich tradition, but you'll also be wearing a piece that's hand-adorned with love. Here's to staying true to our spirit!