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Article: 5 Reasons Why Jute Handbags Are Eco-Friendly (And Super Stylish)

Our embroidered lime n lemon jute tote bag | Why Jute Handbags Are Eco-Friendly

5 Reasons Why Jute Handbags Are Eco-Friendly (And Super Stylish)

Over the last few years, we've seen a noticeable - and welcome -  shift across the globe towards conscious living.

Far from being simply a catchphrase, many of us now look to shop in a more sustainable and ethical manner. If you're part of this growing, eco-conscious tribe, then here are the top 5 reasons why your next accessory should be a stunning jute bag. 

One of the greenest and the most versatile fibers, jute is tipped to be the next big thing in Sustainable fashion. These earth-friendly beauties are durable, versatile, and incredibly stylish to boot.

Curious to know more?

Read on to what makes buying jute handbags a great idea:


Easy To Recycle


Unlike bags made from plastic-derived leatherette or synthetic fibers, jute bags are fully recyclable, leaving behind no pollution or residue. Not just that, recycling jute takes much lesser energy than other materials, which means more energy saved in even in the disposal process. How's that for an earth-loving accessory?


Rainbow striped cross-body jute bag | Why Jute Handbags Are Eco-Friendly


Low Maintenance Fiber


We love all things low-maintenance - and everything about jute is exactly that. It takes very little water and resources (fertilizer, pesticides) to grow compared to other fibers. Jute can be grown all-year-round, which means that the same area of land can produce much more material. 


Versatile With a Boho Vibe


The biggest reasons why jute bags are becoming such an important part of conscious fashion is their incredible versatility and their earthy, boho vibe. From colorful tote bags to swanky beach bags, jute bags can look elegant, boho to straight-up funky! What's more, the bags can be customized with intricate patterns and hand-embroidery as well. Take a look at this bright yellow palm leaves jute tote bag and you'll see just how vibrant and stylish jute can be. But we also love its natural brown color. The earthy appeal is undeniable, don't you think?


Handwoven cord Tote | Why Jute Handbags Are Eco-Friendly


100% Biodegradable


What's especially eco-friendly about your jute bag is that it is fully biodegradable. These bags are fully compostable and in fact enrich the soil when they break down, which means they won't be piling up in a landfill. Quite a change from your typical plastic-made handbags that are the polar opposite in their eco-footprint. 


Shadow Jute Round Tote | Why Jute Handbags Are Eco-Friendly


Strong and Durable


Jute handbags are not just eco-friendly, they're quite sturdy too! This natural fiber is super strong, making jute handbags durable and long-lasting. So feel free can put all your stuff into your jute bucket bag without worrying about wear and tear. 


Enshrine Handwoven Jute Tote Bag | Why Jute Handbags Are Eco-Friendly


After exploring all that makes jute so awesome, it's little wonder that it's fast becoming the material of choice for those who believe in responsible fashion.

Remember, it's the little things that add up to a sea change - and while the journey to a greener world is a long one, today is a great day to take the first step!