4 Winter Boho Jacket Ideas To Stand Out This Season

It’s the holiday season - a time to be grateful, meet loved ones and wear layers! But staying warm in the freezing cold shouldn’t mean compromising on your signature style.

We’ve put together 4 winter jacket ideas for you to layer up your way! From boho capes to fluffy faux fur jackets, we’ve got you covered:



Winter Boho Capes | Boho Jacket Ideas


Nothing says effortless chic like a stylish cape. Whether you’re wearing a classic tee-and-jeans, or if a fitted dress is more your thing, capes are a great way to layer and spice up your look. 

Our Spanish lush kimono cape is a winter favorite, with its warm copper color, intricate jacquard print, and free-flowing silhouette. In the mood to stand out from the crowd? The pops of browns, blues, and greys on our gargoyle winter cape will make sure you do. 


Faux Fur Bomber Jackets


Faux Fur Bomber Jacket | Boho Jackets Ideas


Oh-so-soft on the outside and warm from within, faux fur bomber jackets can keep you feeling cozy all day. Our snow-white polar bear bomber jacket feels like a warm bear hug, just like its name! 

Feeling colorful?

Check out our furry lavender and peacock bomber jackets. Team them up with skinny jeans and boots to get that winter look on point.  


Parka Jackets


Safari Parka Jacket | Boho Jacket Ideas


Form-fitting and plush, parka jackets score high on elegance. They work perfectly with evening wear, so go ahead and pair them with everything from little black dresses to long gowns. 

We love the way our emerald safari parka jacket cinches and accentuates the waistline. Made from cotton velvet and lined with leopard print fur at the collar and drawstrings, it could well become your go-to choice for those fancy night outs. 


Faux Fur Trim Capes


Boho Jacket Ideas | Jacquard Faux Fur Cape

Faux fur trim capes are our all-time favorites. They’re easy to throw on and big on style, just the way we like it! High-quality blended cotton keeps things breathable, even as you stay warm - the best of both worlds, we say!

Our gypsy faux fur cape is sure to set you apart, thanks to its beautiful pattern and pops of mustard and deep reds. Our woven artic ice cape can brighten up a dull day with its colorful stripes and white faux fur accents. Craving some purple in your wardrobe? Go for our amethyst fur capewith its plum-colored fur collar and sleeves. 

From fun boho capes to fluffy bomber boho jackets, there are so many women’s winter jacket styles to choose from. Our hotlist collection has all the winter jackets for women featured in this blog and much more - all curated just for you. From bright colors to uber-soft fabrics, we’ve got the warmest winter jackets for you to pick from, without compromising on your unique style!

Tell us the style you love the most and why in the comments - we’d love to know what makes you tick. Until next time, and happy holidays!