5 Striking Jackets To Keep You Warm From The Fall Breeze

A casual walk on the busy streets makes one realize the truth behind the popular saying – Variety is the spice of life. And how!

Nature gave us five core senses and then it gave us this varied kaleidoscope all around us to keep those senses engaged. Imagine how boring life would be if we did not have so many different colors, textures, flavors, fragrances and sounds!

We at America & Beyond have given due respect to this amazing gift of nature and have made every attempt to cater to the different requirements, seasonal needs, fashion trends and personality traits of our beloved customers. One look at our wide range of products will stand testimony to this.

The same principle goes in our wide range of Jackets, some of which we shall talk about today.

Why Jackets? Because we know our customers want several different types of jackets to cover all their bases, be it snow, rain or a windy day!  We have an immaculate collection of jackets to suit your tastes, some of which are presented here for your quick reference.


jaguar paradise bomber jacket

Let us begin with our Jaguar Paradise Bomber Jacket!

Jaguars have always inspired legends and are associated with power, bravery, speed and agility. Very attractive traits, don’t you agree? Our Jaguar Bomber jacket is a perfect representation of these traits. The jacket boasts of our stunning and very popular Jaguar Paradise print that is guaranteed to make you the envy of the crowd. It will project your confidence and self-assurance and will serve you throughout the four seasons very comfortably.

The Jaguar Bomber Jacket can easily be worn with different types of clothing and serves to elevate your overall look to a whole new stunning level.

The jacket features a zip front, long sleeves, polyester main and lining, and a baseball collar and has a very comfortable, relaxing fit. We suggest complementing this outstanding jacket with our Jaguar Paradise Knotted Headband.



angel wings velveteen jacket

Next on our agenda today is the Angel Wings Velveteen Jacket. This jacket celebrates your angelic yet slightly naughty persona. It has the right blend of innocence with mischief. After all, we started this discussion with how variety makes life interesting.

This jacket is made from 100% polyester and sports two front pockets and a drawstring tie-up at the waist. It has a distinctive Angel Wing embellishment on the front along with a zipper. The Angel Wings Velveteen jacket has a light and very comfortable feel.

The Angel Wings Velveteen jacket gives the wearer an exotic, magnificent look projecting a free-spirited personality.  It is a must-have jacket for every occasion, be it a party or a casual outing.



gargoyle winter oversized coat

It is now time to have a look at our Gargoyle Winter Oversized Coat.  

Cut in a kimono style, this very cozy yet chic cardigan can be a great addition to your wardrobe. It is made in Blueish Grey and features fringed edges; it can be worn in an open style for ease of wear and layering. Alternately it can be worn cinched at the waist. The oversized coat falls below the hip and creates a smart casual silhouette.

Designed to keep you warmly comfortable, the Gargoyle Winter Oversized Coat can be paired with a black/white tee, black jeans and boots. This stylish coat will be a great addition to your ensemble that can be used to achieve a layered versatile look.



georgia peach floral bomber jacket

We now move to our next offering, the Georgia Peach Floral Bomber Jacket.

Just one word to describe this jacket – Pretty! This adorable jacket is made in viscose and boasts of a beautiful Peach and Blue combination that comes together in a floral pattern. It has side pockets for your convenience, comes with a zipped front and has a high neck. The cuffs and hem are elasticated, and the overall look is relaxed.

The Georgia Peach Floral Bomber Jacket has a light feel and fits comfortably yet perfectly. The hood adds warmth and a cozy feel to the jacket. We highly recommend adding this beautiful and fashionable jacket to your wardrobe.



indie ink striped jacket

Finally, we present yet another beautiful jacket – The Indie Ink Striped And Embroidered Jacket!

Made with 100% cotton, this jacket is typically worn in open style and adds an interesting element to your look. It is made with yarn-dyed striped fabric and is very lightweight. The distinctive feature of this jacket is the hand-embroidered front and sleeves.

The length of this jacket is below the hips which gives good coverage and creates a longline look that is comfortable and trendy, all at the same time. The bright embroidery combines with the stripped body of the jacket to create a unique, eye-catching look.

We invite you to check out these and other very interesting and irresistible jackets on our website and bring them home to spruce up your wardrobe.