Must-have Items For A Boho-chic Wardrobe

Something that remains constant throughout the boho style’s origin stories is that it emerged as a result of a rebellion against conforming to mainstream fashion. Thus, instead of ensuring you’re perfectly put-together, boho is all about being free-spirited and expressing your eccentricities! 

Such an unconstrained style doesn’t have any rules, but having a list of staples will certainly ensure you match the aesthetic perfectly!

Here are our must-haves for a boho-chic wardrobe! 


Maxi or midi skirts are perfect to pair with breezy tanks and tops. Boho skirts usually aren’t too poofy and have an A-line silhouette. I own at least four midi skirts because they are so comfortable and are great for almost any occasion!

They’re also super easy to layer with other pieces! Perfect to mix and match with different patterns and colors, you can throw on a light cardigan or sweater and add a scarf to complete the look!

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Not only do leather sandals look polished, but they’re also very comfortable and durable. You can wear them all day long! Embellished leather sandals are also great for dressing up an outfit, while simpler slides are a great complement to a casual ensemble. 

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Channel your inner Blair Waldorf with a statement headband! Now, Blair isn’t exactly a boho queen (but she’s a queen regardless), however, headbands and headwraps have been a popular boho staple for as long as the style has existed. They are a great accessory and also perfect for bad hair days! 

Here’s a tip - Headwraps look amazing across your forehead, but pushing one back a bit and wearing it like a headband looks even better!

For a true boho look, curl your hair or scrunch it into breezy beach waves!

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Maxi dresses made of flowy fabrics are a mainstay of a boho-chic wardrobe. Natural fibers in interesting prints and designs with ruffles and fringe add to the quirkiness and look distinctive.

Maxi dresses are also one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. You can dress them up or down, and match them with almost any accessories and footwear you own. 

bengal beauty maxi dress



No boho outfit is complete without a distinctive, fun, quirky bag. Bright colors and cheerful patterns add the perfect boho touch! Personally, I love a bag with tassels on it!

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Long, loose and flowy fabrics are perfect for flared pants. Not only do they elongate your legs, but they also look very classy and distinguished. Feel at ease in palazzo pants and pair them with long tunics and vests for a perfect boho look!

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Statement earrings that pop, layered chains and necklaces, and beaded bracelets are a great way to add a bit of flair to your boho ensemble!

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