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Article: Turning Up The Heat On Your Summer Date

Turning Up The Heat On Your Summer Date

Turning Up The Heat On Your Summer Date

We're feeling the heat! Not just the one in the atmosphere but also the one emanating from the chemistry between you and your hot date! Making your mind about what to wear for that long-awaited date can be extremely daunting! When planning your perfect outfit, try to stick to staples that make you feel comfortable in your skin; after all, why would you ever want to step away from being your true authentic self?

Catch your date's eye with some fun accessories or a stunning pair of shoes but always remember the cardinal rule laid out by none other than the high priestess of fashion herself, one Ms. Coco Chanel, in her words, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." Because when it comes to making an impression, oftentimes, less is more!


  • Misty Rose Butterfly One-shoulder Kimono Dress

This dress is authentic "Main character energy." It's exactly what you would imagine the heroine of a rom-com in for her "meet-cute." Pair this piece with an adorable pair of strappy stilettos and some elegant earrings, and you're good to go! This piece would transition from day to night so seamlessly you wouldn't need to think twice!

  •  Very Peri Cotton Shirt Dress

This Ombré toned and vividly colored shirtdress is effortless chic. The striped Lurex detailing on this dress adds the glam factor this dress needs! Pair this piece with adorable sandals or sporty shoes, and you have on your hands the perfect day-out look! 

  •  Brown Leopard Jumpsuit

Roar your way through life and wear your spots proudly with our brown leopard jumpsuit. A great thing about this jumpsuit is the premium soft silk blend fabric it's made with, keeping it wrinkle-free throughout even when you're getting down and dirty! 

  • Tropical Twilight Midi Dress

Let the sun shine, the flowers bloom, and the rainbow gleam through! None of it can hold a candle to our beautiful tropical twilight dress. Pair this piece with an adorable pair of slip-on sandals and a nice clutch bag, and your date look is all taken care of. 

  •  Playful Seersucker Maxi Dress

Wear your rainbow, embrace the many colors that define who you are, and do it in style with our pastels seersucker dress. A playfully styled shirt dress, this dress is the perfect balance between playful and professional, making it versatile enough for you to wear it everywhere and anywhere. 

Now let's get down to the icing on every cake, the accessories!

  • Rose Garden Golden Bee Clutch


    Have your favorite maxi dress on call? Now you need the perfect clutch to take your fav maxi from basic to brilliant. So look no further, ladies. Get ready to BEE-DAZZLE everyone around you with this fabulous Rose Garden Golden Bee Clutch.

    • Midnight Black Honey Bee Clutch

    A hand-beaded golden honeycomb against a midnight beaded sky is home to the gorgeous shimmering bees. Perhaps the Northern Lights are playing in the sky, giving these bees shades of rose gold and moss green? Handwoven jacquard laced with golden lurex is a stunning backdrop for our lovely bees. All of these details equal one gorgeous clutch.

    • Feather-light Earrings

    Do you adore all things Zen? Then this piece is for you! If you draw inspiration from the elements, you'll find a stunning culmination of them here: the waves' beauty and the glimmer of light. There's a little something for everyone with this piece.

    •  Egret Embellished Earrings



    This piece will reflect your out-of-the-box personality with extraordinary grace for those who like to color outside the lines.

    • Leopard Earrings

    For those who like to make a statement and make it big, look no further! Our leopard bead fringe earrings will roar out to the world that you are one to watch out for.

    So go ahead and make these styles your own and own your personal style statement every time you step out!

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