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Article: What To Pack For The Perfect Beach Vacay

What To Pack For The Perfect Beach Vacay

What To Pack For The Perfect Beach Vacay

I have a million-dollar question! Can you tell me how many beaches America has? Googling is not allowed, and I am not even sure they have the right answer. Blessed with over 12,000 miles of coastline and many rivers and lakes, it is super difficult to get the answer right.

But there is a simpler way! Let’s agree that there are 94034 beaches in America and if you don’t believe me then just start counting and prove me wrong!

Jokes apart, there are so many beautiful beaches in the United States, much loved by the locals and international visitors. What are you waiting for? It is time to embark on that much anticipated, long pending beach trip. So, get cracking, call your travel agent, and start packing!

Ah, the dreaded P word! Many a vacay have been ruined by sloppy packing. Forgetting things that are easily replaceable is not a biggie, but some people even forget to take their kid along- remember Home Alone?

Fret not, we are here to help you pack well for a wonderful, relaxing beach trip. From must-haves to “okay if I take, okay if I don’t”, you won’t miss a thing if you follow our list!

Let us start with the essentials! You need a lightweight, yet strong and versatile beach bag. We have a wide range of beach bags and totes that are practical yet stand-out glamorous!  All our beach bags are hand-crafted, sturdy, vibrant and comfortable. They come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to pack an extra set of clothes, your sandals, and your sunscreen all in one smart, uber-chic, boho bag!

Take a look at our best-selling Daphne Embellished Tote, Leopard Handwoven Jute Tote, Tribal Hand-beaded Tote and many more in our beach bags collection. If you are wary of the envious stares of fellow beachgoers, you may want to opt for our Watch Over Me Evil Eye Denim Tote.

embellished tote beach bag

If you want to go minimalistic while roaming on the beach, we have our Daphne Sunglass Pouch and Daphne Cell Phone Bag to suit the mood.

daphne sunglasses pouch

Now that you’ve got the perfect bag, it’s time to fill it with the perfect stuff! Don’t let that excess sun exposure put a damper on your vacation! Avoid being sun-burnt and instead opt for sun-kissed, with a sexy, vibrant cover-up!

If you love bold patterns, then the Peachy Python Ruffled Kimono Cover Up is for you! The abstract print is so unique, and the elasticated waist gives you that perfect cinched look! 

peachy python ruffled kimono coverup

You cannot go wrong with a white cover up! Check out our Whisper White Starry Crochet Tunic! The crocheted white stars all over your body give you such a whimsical look! You can wear this dreamy coverup over your swimsuit, and even over a fitted top and shorts! How cute is that? 

whisper white crochet tunic

Next up on our packing list is a good pair of sandals. 

Beach sandals should be pretty, but also durable. Slip your feet into the Prickly Cactus Beaded Sandals! Don’t go by the name, they’re not “prickly” at all! They’re super comfortable and lend a certain fun quirkiness to your outfit! If you’re looking for something more subtle, there's nothing more perfect for the beach than the Blue Waves Slide Sandals!

prickly cactus beaded slider sandal

It’s so important to carry an extra set of clothes to the beach. You don’t want to track sand all the way back to your home, so best wash off and change into something comfy! The Totally Toucan Pom Pom Mini Dress is SUCH a vibe! A beachy vibe, that is! With its fun, tropical toucan print, and flow fit, this mini dress is perfect for a beach vacay! If you’re more of a shorts and top kinda gal, we’ve got you there too! Pair the Sunkist Tie Dye Flowy Shorts with a Matching Tie Dye top for a breezy, comfy look!

totally toucan pom pom mini dressNow that we’ve got the essentials down, the other items on our list would include a sun hat, beach towel, and of course, we can’t forget sunscreen!

Throw in some fun beach games, sand toys, volleyballs, and if you like to just lounge in the sun, maybe a good book, or some headphones to listen to a podcast!

A portable cooler for some ice-cold beer is the perfect way to finish our list!

You’re all set to go and have some fun in the sun!