Exploring Cultures Through Fashion

According to ancient wisdom, flowing water is considered auspicious, a symbol of money, love, and happiness. The constant movement of water, the “flow” represents positive energy, the birth of new and exciting things. It churns out unwanted things and carries along things that it can accommodate.

Nature is indeed a great teacher. It shows us that nothing is constant, except change. We see this change, this evolution in everything around us. The world is always changing and so are we. One very visible example of this constant change is the world of fashion. Just glance through the old photo albums of your family and you will be amazed to see how the attire, the hairstyles and the accessories change over time!

different cultures

What drives this change? It is often said that fashion changes based on geography, weather, traditions and in today’s digital world, even technology changes fashion. While all these factors play their part, in my opinion, culture remains one of the biggest influences on fashion.

As we can imagine, human beings first started wearing clothing as a means of protecting their bodies thousands of years ago. It was made of natural sources like leaves, grass, animal skins and fur. Somewhere down the line, humans started to accessorize their appearance using shells and bones. Gradually, clothing was becoming ornate – these, we can say, were the baby steps of fashion.

As people started gathering possessions that they wanted to carry along and never leave behind, bags were invented. Ancient wall carvings and Egyptian papyruses from 1000 BC depict bags being used by people.

Early usage of clothes, bags, and accessories is still focused on practicality than vanity, but specimens over the years show decorations, fringes, ornamental stones, and embroidery to make these items more appealing and fashionable.

The patterns, colors, shapes, and materials used by different cultures continue to influence fashion even today. Fashion is cyclic in nature, “old” becomes “new” and “trendy” and “latest” becomes “passe” again and again. Some influences on fashion have managed to win the battle against time and remain relevant even today!


One prime example of ancient culture that is popular in present times is our Impala Aztec Backpack. The distinctive Aztec mosaics with intricate patterns make this backpack stand out brilliantly. The colorful sequins and beads lend an exquisite beauty to it. The size makes the backpack multi-purpose, and the material makes it very comfortable to carry. Its lined interiors and zip pockets along with adjustable straps make it a very fashionable yet highly functional bag.

impala aztec boho backpack 

In a hyper-connected world, fashion has become multi-cultural too. It remains random, impulsive, and sometimes stranger than fiction. Modern culture reflects styles embraced by celebrities, musicians, artists, sportspeople, TV personalities and social media influencers. There is a need to stay in the news, go viral, and remain relevant. This necessitates adopting new styles and establishing trends that in turn influence the followers of these celebrities.


Many a time we see old fashions making a comeback, albeit in a slightly different form. This makes it possible for people to enjoy “old” fashion without making any major lifestyle changes.  For many people, their appearance is a major part of their identities – this includes their clothing, footwear, hairstyle, eyewear, and other accessories. The fashion industry must constantly evolve and keep pace with trends to cope with this demanding populace.

Sounds stressful? It is not! As popular culture evolves, trends evolve too. Some changes are subtle, some are sudden, but the fact of the matter is, fashion changes with culture. Bell bottoms, plaids, fringed denims (did they EVER go out of fashion), crop tops and oversized tees keep coming back to the forefront.


In the post pandemic era, fashion is driven more by comfort and versatility. Minimalism, simplicity, and versatility are some of the most searched fashion trends. ‘Work from home’ has changed the way people dress, even in businesses considered very formal. Now, comfort and style are not only compatible but are must-have features.

One timeless clothing item is the Maxi dress. Vastly popular in the late 60s, it faced a drop in popularity during the 80s and the 90s, but never did it fully go away. The faithful continued to wear it through the lean period and now the Maxi is back with a bang!

The subtle change in the Maxi that helped it regain a foothold is the above-ankle side cut that gives it a bohemian look. With its ever-increasing popularity, the Maxi is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.

boho tribal maxi dress

We have contributed to the resurgence of the Maxi dress with our range of Maxis, available in varied patterns and colors. One of these wildly popular dresses is our Boho Tribal Maxi Dress.  It comes with a black and white Aztec print, hemmed with a colorful border.  It is made in a floaty, feminine style. The elastic waist gives it shape and the kimono sleeves keep you comfortable and cool.  This dress is all you need to beat the heat while still looking spectacular. You can pair it with sandals and a beach-bag for an ultra boho-chic look.

neon lights impala aztec tote beach bag

Fashion trends are indicators of what is popular now in society, arts, politics, and all aspects of life. Fashion is a universal language, just like music. The pleasure we feel when complimented on our fashion choices is the one thing that has remained constant over the years, and I guess it will always be so. Fashion is creativity, fashion is expression, fashion is art. And that is why fashion will continue to be influenced by culture and in turn influence culture!