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Must have beach bags


It’s that time of the year when all roads lead to the beach! It does take some preparation to ensure you have all the paraphernalia to make the beach visit a pleasant and relaxing one. Needless to say, a very important accessory is The Beach Bag

There is no limit to what you can carry in the right beach bag – be it your oversized sunglasses, towels, sunscreen, a change of clothes or the book you have been meaning to read and all other must haves. 

Rest assured, we have a variety of beach bags that will meet your every need and make sure your beach outing is memorable. To make it even easier for you, here we are featuring five of our very functional yet fashionable beach bags for your pleasure. 

Daphne Embellished Tote 

daphne embellished tote beach bag

Your guarantee to get noticed, our best-selling beach bag is designed to stand out in a crowd.  Bright colors, hand-embroidered detailing and the unique texture combine into a look that will be the talk of the town. This bag is the ambassador of our design philosophy – beach bags can be FUN!  

The colors of the Daphne tote represent the various aspects of the Ocean. For instance, Turquoise makes us think of calm sea breezes coupled with the warmth of the tropical waters – what a magical combination!  The Yellow and Golden sparkles remind us of the glow of Sunshine, topping off with the cheeriness of the pink hues. 

To complete the experience, match the Daphne Tote with the Daphne Coin Purse.


The Rose Gold Tote

rose gold tote beach bag

The name speaks for itself! This is a versatile bag that is both a Classic and yet always current. Rose Gold came to prominence in the early 1900s when French jeweler Louise Cartier released his famous Trinity Ring. Since then, the Rose Gold shade has come to represent affluence, style, and elegance. 

The Rose Gold Tote is adorned with tiny beads that glimmer beautifully in the light and will bring out the inner romantic in you. It has a pocket organizer and zip pocket and comes with a magnetic button closure. The lace detail on the double shoulder strap, the lined interior and the just right size make it a subtle yet trendy accessory, simply a must have in your collection.


Tribal Hand-beaded Tote Bag 

tribal hand beaded tote beach bag

Easily one of our most distinctive creations, the Tribal Tote Bag boasts of vibrant colors, diverse patterns, simple yet powerful shapes, together evolving into abstract motifs. It represents the way of life that is in harmony with nature. The allure of the Tribal Tote lies in its simplicity and originality of design. 

The tote comes with stunning hand-embellished embroidery and beadwork that combines beautifully with its cotton texture, roomy size, and convenient zippered pocket for your valuables.

The Tribal Tote speaks visually, evoking youthfulness and hope. It paints a vivid yet aesthetically pleasing picture of water and the outdoors and adds mystery to your personality. 


Bee Glam Tote 

bee glam tote beach bag

This extraordinary tote with a beautiful bee hand-embellished on a tiger beaded pattern will surely give you a buzz – no pun intended! 

Bees have been part of fashion folklore. Industrious as they are, bees are considered guardians of nature. Various designers have interpreted them as magical entities representing love and romance. Our take on the bee is aspirational, motivational, and forward-looking.

The Bee Glam tote retains our philosophy of sustainable fashion. It comes with a comfortable inner lining, zippered pockets, double shoulder strap and an eye-catching black and gold pattern. We suggest pairing this beauty with our Honeybee Embellished Clutch.


Champagne Forever Tote 

champagne forever tote beach bag

A sunset is even more beautiful when viewed over a glass of chilled champagne!  The very mention of champagne brings forth positive emotions. It is zestful, celebrating life, gives pleasure and represents success! Who can resist a glass of Bubbly?

Our Champagne Forever Tote is just as irresistible! It is luxurious with its combination of jacquard and jute with Lurex detail. A hand-beaded tote with double shoulder straps, zip pockets and lined interior, it is perfectly sized to be cute yet practical. 

The hand-beaded saying in gold “Life is better with Champagne” says all that needs to be said about this tote.  The Champagne Forever tote will keep you in high spirits and bring a lot of complements your way, wherever you venture. 


Which of these stunning bags will you be buying for your beach vacay this summer?