America & Beyond is a boho-luxe brand with collections featuring products made of natural materials, hand embellished to create contemporary western silhouettes with the detail and artisanal beauty of India. Pieces from each collection are designed to create the perfect resort wear and beach vacation look, delivering a bohemian inspired feel while maintaining a high level of design and class. We design and manufacture in-house, source materials ethically, and are dedicated to delivering beautiful quality pieces. 

A & B is exceptionally devoted to both fair trade and sustainable economics and ensures that every garment and bag designed by America and Beyond is eco-conscious, both in material and production. When you purchase a product from A & B, youre not only buying an eco-friendly piece, youre directly contributing to the continued support of the talented Indian artisans whose craft is beautifully displayed in each and every stunning A & B bag, garment, and accessory. 

America & Beyond collections feature clothes, handbags, and accessories made with hand-loomed cotton and viscose fabrics, hand-woven jacquard's and durries, and artisan hand-printing techniques. Our shoes are made in 100% genuine leather and hand-embellished with intricate details. 

Our customers can always count on us to find beautiful, bohemian inspired pieces perfect for any occasion.