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Article: Explore The Evil Eye Collection This Spooky Season

Explore The Evil Eye Collection This Spooky Season

Explore The Evil Eye Collection This Spooky Season

Some 2000 years ago, the Celts celebrated a festival known as Samhain, marking the end of summer and the beginning of winter, think cold weather and dark days. They celebrated November 1st as the New Year’s Day and believed that the previous day, October 31st was a day when the doors between the dead and the living worlds were opened. Scary, isn’t it?

It was thought that on October 31st, the ghosts roamed the earth, causing trouble in general but also helping the Celtic priests, or Druids as they were called then, predict the future.

To mark this occasion, it was customary to wear spooky costumes (animal heads, skulls and what have you), light bonfires, offer animals and food grains as sacrifice and indulge in prophecy telling.

Sounds familiar? Well, some of these customs are still being celebrated today in the guise of Halloween. Traditions such as All Souls Day (All Saints’ Day, also called All-Hallows Day) have all merged into one celebration of Halloween.

We at America And Beyond are all set to help you celebrate Halloween in style.


eye o eye lounge dress

The first recommendation we have is our Eye-O-Eye lounge dress.  This beautiful maxi is made more striking with a hand-embellished Evil Eye in sequins and evil-eye print. This prominent symbol will indeed protect you from evil spirits!

The Eye-O-Eye lounge dress features adjustable straps that ensure a better fit, and the silky blend fabric keeps you comfortably chic.


grecian nights evil eye tote

We now present the stunning Grecian Nights Evil Eye Tote, which is sure to catch everyone’s eye – no pun intended! This exquisite tote has impressive hand-beaded detail in intermixed shades of midnight blue and antique gold. The prominent Evil Eye on this tote will join forces with the lounge dress to keep the evil and the envious at bay.

The tote features double shoulder straps for comfortable carrying, a fully lined interior with a zip pocket and can be paired with your lounge dress or even a pair of jeans and tee.  

The tote has a generous size of 24” X 13” X 6”.


grecian nights evil eye clutch 

At times when you want to carry a smaller purse or clutch, we suggest our Grecian Nights Evil Eye Clutch. It also comes with a detachable chain, so the choice to use it as a clutch or a bag is entirely yours.  This embellished flap clutch is made in handwoven Jacquard fabric and features a lined interior with a zip pocket and magnetic button closure. 

This clutch is so pretty, it can be used to spruce up any outfit.


evil eye goodluck earrings

To add more color to your ensemble, we offer the Evil Eye Goodluck Earrings – a pair of hand-beaded round Evil Eye earrings made from red, orange and blue beads. The combination is striking, it will add a big and bold dimension to your beauty.

To ensure comfort, the pair of earrings comes with easy slide-on pushers.


sunny lime evil eye earrings

Alternatively, you can take a look at our Sunny Lime Evil Eye Earrings. These earrings compete with the Goodluck earrings on every front. Hand-beaded in a beautiful combo of green and yellow, the lovely earrings will accentuate your outfit to the next level.

The Sunny Lime Evil Eye earrings are perfect for a day out in the sun.


evil eye good luck slide sandals

For your lovely feet, we suggest stylishly comfortable Evil Eye Good Luck slide sandals. These hand-beaded, Evil Eye embellished sandals are handcrafted in rich leather. Their open-toed design and padded soles keep you in cool comfort all day.

The tropical colors of the beads, the central piece Evil Eye and the classic brown-toned leather all combine to bring about a very fashionable offering, especially for you. The unique design is sure to bring many a compliment your way.


evil eye good luck tassel

Finally, we want to mention something that is small in stature but can very much enhance the look of any accessory. Please have a look-see at our Evil Eye Good Luck tassel.  A pompom with blue, beige and orange layers, this tassel will glam up your tote in a jiffy!

Halloween is not far away, but with our prompt service and speedy deliveries, we have got you covered! Do visit our website today as some of these limited-edition items are flying off the shelves really fast.