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Article: Artisan Spotlight

Artisan Spotlight

Artisan Spotlight

When you think of artisanal products, what comes to mind? Maybe that image of a craftsman whittling away in a workshop, or a group of people hand-stitching garments?

The art of making things by hand is centuries old and timeless. Today, we want to keep this tradition alive by making handmade, hand-embroidered artisanal products at A&B. And you will be happy to know, the handmade products industry is booming! This renewed interest in handmade goods goes beyond fads or nostalgia. People want to support local makers, understand where their products come from and directly benefit people they know rather than anonymous corporations.

Hence, this holiday season, we would like to shine a spotlight on our talented artisans - skilled makers from all backgrounds, from all over India. 

Artisans at A&B

For us, handmade products are more than just a trend. They are our mark of authenticity and quality. They are also a sign of empowerment for our team of 700+ local artisans! 

adding embellishments by hand

Our talented crafters are equipped with industry-leading equipment and working gear. Every piece crafted at our garment factories in the Delhi-NCR region is made with love and care. 

handmade at A&B

From selecting the fabric and creating gorgeous patterns, our artisans work hard to provide the best quality products.

artisans at A&B factory

Beautiful patterns are hand-embroidered onto the products, with the utmost attention to detail throughout the entire process - from conceptualization, to design, to crafting and then production. 

A&B factories

Stunning embellishments are added on by hand, or vibrant fabrics are hand-woven by our skilled creators.  

artisan at A&B factory

Our factories are well-lit and spacious, with plenty of ventilation. We ensure each and every artisan at A&B has a comfortable and safe working environment. Our factories also have community areas, where artisans can take a break and unwind. The well-equipped kitchens offer free, nutritious lunches every day.

A&B artisans

With a heavy focus on using natural fabrics such as jute, pure cotton and handwoven jacquard, we create sustainable fashion, sourced ethically and built to last. Leftover, cut fabrics are transformed into beautiful rugs, purses and other accessories. 

hand-embellishing at A&B

Who knows, maybe by browsing through our products, someone may rediscover their creative spark!