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Article: 7 Beautiful Boho Tote Bags To Carry Everywhere

7 Beautiful Boho Tote Bags To Carry Everywhere

7 Beautiful Boho Tote Bags To Carry Everywhere

Step aside, diamonds - we think tote bags are a girl's best friend! And why not? They're vibrant, chic, spacious and so utterly versatile. Whether you're stepping out for groceries, a lunch date, a beach trip or to the gym, tote bags are perfect for it all!

We've rounded up 7 of our most gorgeous tote bags for you to take along on your next adventure. Choose from handwoven jute, durable cotton, intricate beadwork, tassels, and sparkly embellishments. Scroll down to take your pick:

1. Leopard Handwoven Jute Tote

Stalk the urban jungle with this spacious leopard print tote bag. Crafted with a sustainable cotton-jute blend, it's as earth-friendly as it is fabulous. Don't miss the chic tassels, inner lined pocket and the braided shoulder straps!

2. Evil Eye Good Luck Handbeaded Tote

We're so in love with how bright and beautiful this evil eye tote beaded bag is! Incredibly spacious, its pattern has been carefully hand-beaded with love to give you a bag that's truly one-of-a-kind. Pops of reds, orange and teal make it pitch-perfect for a fun beach day with your girlfriends.

3. Daphne Embellished Tote Bag

Our Daphne embellished tote bag will sparkle and shimmer on your shoulder with its yellows, pinks, greens and golds! This handwoven beauty is artisanship at its best - every element has been carefully embellished and embroidered by hand. It comes with plenty of space to carry all your things, and comfortable shoulder straps to keep you relaxed on your errand runs. 

4. Gargoyle Embellished Tote Bag

Inspired by patterns from the rich Navajo tradition, this Gargoyle embellished tote bag is a serious stunner! Pops of pale pink and neons complement the hand-embellished detailing. Impressively roomy and comfortable to carry, it's perfect for tossing in all your essentials for a quick getaway or a day out.


5. Gold Leopard Handwoven Jute Tote

Go green in style with this gold leopard tote bag that's handcrafted with 100% jute. Notice how the leopard print practically glows against the golden jute fabric? It's all-natural vibe pairs it perfectly with all your boho-chic outfits! Don't miss the large comfy braided straps and tassels!

6. Impala Aztec Tote Bag

Trust our Impala Aztec tote bag to blend function with fashion like a boss! It's super spacious and with broad comfy shoulder straps - perfect for a day-long picnic in the park. The intricate Aztec patterns in pinks, yellows and greens make it an instant standout. 

7. Ocean Wave Tote Bag

Is it possible to smell the sea breeze just by looking at a bag? This roomy ocean wave tote bag somehow makes it happen! Handmade with soft and sustainable cotton, its soothing blues, greens and whites are a sight for sore eyes. Extra brownie points for its delicate threadwork, and the comfy fabric shoulder straps. 

There are so many reasons to love tote bags, but one reason towers above all others - they're beautiful AND practical! While tiny purses have their own special place in our closet, there's nothing like a comfy, oversized tote bag to be the perfect day-long companion! Stay boho-beautiful, tribe <3