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Article: 5 Calming Colors That Help You Relax

5 Calming Colors That Help You Relax

5 Calming Colors That Help You Relax

Hello, our A&B lovelies! We hope you and your loved ones are at home, safe, and healthy. We've all been caught off-guard in these uncertain times, with our routines and lives thrown off-course. While we are slowly learning to cope with new ways of functioning, it's hard not to feel anxious at times. It's completely normal to feel this way, and while we can't control this situation, there are a few things we can do to help soothe our frayed nerves. 

The colors that surround us have a significant psychological impact on us. While some hues can energize us, other colors have a more relaxing effect. Choosing certain colors can help us stay calm and more centered, and we can all do with a little de-stressing these days. We've put together this collection of five calming colors that you can wear or surround yourself with, and hope they soothe you with their comforting qualities: 

Pale Grays

You’ll be surprised to find just how soothing the paler varieties of gray can be. These low-saturated grays are known to have a grounding effect, encouraging a sense of peace, balance, and focus. These comfy Gray Dawn lounge trousers incorporate soft grays with intricate white embroidery at the bottom, letting you effortlessly lounge in them all day. This soft-gray cotton jumpsuit is another excellent example of how comforting softer grays can be.

Gray Dawn trousers

Gray Dawn trousers in a beautifully subtle, pale gray 

Soft Blues

There is a reason why a clear blue sky brings a smile to our faces. This lovely shade is known to make us feel more relaxed and clear-headed. Softer blues have also been found to bring down our pulse rate, which in turn reduces anxiety and stress. This adorable sky-blue romper is an instant pick-me-up with its subtle shades. With blended white stripes, this is a comfy number that's a treat not just for the skin, but for the senses. 

Soft sky-blue and white romper

This soft sky-blue and white romper is both comfy and calming


For a flower popular for its soothing qualities, it’s little wonder that wearing this color feels as comforting as sipping a cup of lavender tea! A blend of purple and white with a tinge of grey, this soft-as-silk shade is the perfect balance of warmth and coolness. Free-flowing, gentle silhouettes like the one on this lavender floral kimono go beautifully well with this hue.

Irises floral kimono

The Irises floral kimono in soothing lavender

Soft Pinks

Lighter shades of pink have been shown by psychologists to have the ability to dissolve anxiety and stress. Colors like powder pink and rose can make us feel safe, centered, and calm, thanks to their reassuring, positive quality. Flowing skirts in soft pink such as this pink mist bohemian skirt and the rose cloud pleated skirt capture how this shade evokes happiness and a feeling of being cared for.

pink mist print skirt

The pink mist print skirt in a comforting, soft pink


Off-white is a broad term used for colors that are slightly different from pure white, such as ivory, cream, and eggshell. While pure white may feel a bit cold and clinical at times, the little touch of warmth in off-white shades is precisely what makes them feel inviting and comforting. This is also a less distracting shade that helps you concentrate, so slip into it whenever you have a long day ahead of zoom meetings and working from home. Our off-white rainbow stars off-shoulder dress makes for a lovely contrast against its pastel embroidered motifs, while the aurora rose off-shoulder dress perfectly blends comfort and the quintessential off-white warmth. 


off-white rainbow stars dress

The off-white rainbow stars dress with pastel embroidered motifs


off-white aurora rose off-shoulder dress

 The comfy, off-white aurora rose off-shoulder dress 

We hope this little guide helps you feel a little calmer and centered in these topsy-turvy times. Remember, we are all in this together, and with a little patience and hope, we will see this through and come out stronger on the other side. Until then, let's do what we can to be calm and keep on keeping on <3