5 Essentials for your next Spring Break

Spring Break Like It’s 1999 Or 2010, or 2024… is there really any fashion guideline other than feeling good and looking great? The days of strict fashion trends are gone. Now, rock the 70’s, 80’s, today’s freshest looks - it’s an anything goes time in fashion and we’re embracing it!

Why be married to one look when you can do a maxi one day, a mini the next, and a jumpsuit on day 3?! Variety is the spice of life and in fashion, it’s the key to making your wardrobe uber dynamic.

Forget boring basics, throw on our Roman Stripe Jumpsuit and turn heads because, let’s face it, aren’t you over black leggings and athleisure? 
It has its place, but when I’m stepping out for a day date on vacation, I need something a little more fabulous.

Spring break for most of us equals sunshine, a break from the cold and clouds, tropical drinks, and a beach! It’s the perfect excuse for a new cover up and matching beach bag. If you choose right, your cover up might even do double duty as a chic topper for an evening out. Try our Beach Please Jute Macrame Tote-Hand Woven Tote for a look that’s on point whether you’re on the beach or just dreaming of turquoise waters.

With summer right around the corner, snagging a few bits for Spring break gives you a leg up when the temps begin to rise. I love looking forward to warmer weather, planning my outfits and accessories. Having some new things in my closet always gets me excited for a change in season! I like to go for comfy statement pieces that feel good even on the hottest days- my go to is a maxi, but a jumpsuit in the rotation is always a good idea! Choosing one or two little bags to top a look is essential, I’m loving our Rainbow Flutterby Foliage Mini Tote this year! 

Whatever you do, don’t forget to accent with a fun pair of shades and a swipe of lip gloss – my go to for cheap and chic shades is Goodr - they have tons of fun styles and at $25 a pair, I’m not devastated if they get left behind at the beach!

Please, please buy TanTowels. No need to bake on break, wipe on a faux glow that’s the best I’ve ever seen! I’ve tried every fake tanner known to man, and these little wipes are amazing. They leave no streaks, don’t smell, and after a couple of hours, the natural glow is there and would have everyone thinking you worshipped the sun! Swipe on once daily for a glow that grows! 

To all my friends out there, have a lovely Spring break!