5 Essentials That Elevate Your Vaca Look

#1. Straw Hat

Whether or not you’re a “hat person”, one thing is for sure- you need a straw hat. First of all, keeping your face out of the sun is a must. Second, topping your usual resort wear look with a hat totally elevates your look. You can rock a fedora style hat, pair this with a boxy white tee, jean shorts, and flats. The classic Panama style is always a good choice, classic, effortless, and looks good with almost any resort wear. My personal favorite is the wide brim straw hat paired with a flowing kimono over a basic black one piece swimsuit. Throw on a classic gold aviator and you’ve pretty much nailed my signature look.

#2. Gold Aviator Sunglasses

Don’t be fooled by luxury brands charging upwards of $500 for a pair of gold aviator sunglasses. I have owned dozens of shades in this classic style, but guess what?! The pair that still gets the most compliments are my classic Ray-Bans. Don’t get me wrong, I love my designer shades, but when it comes to bang for the buck, Ray-Bans can’t be beat. I own three pairs of Ray-Ban aviators, all in varying levels of tint. I opt for the amber/brown tint, it works best with my skin tone and hair color (medium brown hair and skin that tans easily). Gold tones look good on every skin tone, warm and cool alike. Rock your shades day or night, the sun never sets on looking amazing.

Gold Aviator Sunglasses

#3. Statement Beach Bag

Vacation is not the time to lug around that free nylon shopper stuffed full of your beach essentials. I’m all for using those free bags for hitting the market, but I totally support splurging on the perfect beach bag. But do you really have to spend hundreds to get that perfect bag you’ll be toting for years to come? Nope. I’m all about a statement beach bag that’s both versatile and doesn’t break the bank. You could grab a basic jute tote, not a bad idea for sure, but why not get a beach bag that’s going to have compliments rolling in from the time you step into the airport until your very last day in paradise. Enter the A & B signature tote in countless variations. Looking for bright beachy colors? Snag the famous Daphne Tote, you’ll be glad you did. The Daphne Tote does double duty, pack your travel essentials first, switch to beach essentials once you arrive.

#4. Flowy Kimono Cover Up

Whether you prefer a bikini or a one piece, the perfect cover up is a must. Rompers are cute, sarongs are classic, but I’m really into the flowy robe style kimonos right now. Choose the length that works best for you, I’m going for full length this season. Throw your kimono on over your suit and you’re all set to grab a cosmo at the tiki bar. If you really want to stun your fellow beach goers, pop on your wide brim straw hat and aviators. That’s a look that will turn heads.

#5. Stackable bangles

Just because you’re at the beach doesn’t mean you need to skip jewelry. On a recent trip, I spotted a woman wearing about 10 gold bangles on one wrist, hers were from Cartier. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to score the same look. For jewelry that’s a great value, I love to jump on Etsy.com. You’ll find tons of great options and loads of reviews to ensure you’re not getting scammed. No matter which stack you choose, I recommend grabbing at least 6 or 7 bracelets of varying sizes to get that super stacked look. If you prefer silver bangles, make sure you grab yourself silver aviators to rock a look that’s totally put together.